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Basic SMT Rework - Without Component Removal – ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)

Product Code:OVT-145C(SD)
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 OVT-145C(GD): Basic SMT Rework - Without Component Removal – ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Global Download $2646.00 $3119.00Add to Cart


*** Upgraded Online Video Training (OVT) format, SCORM-compliant with computer-based video training and built-in automated testing & training certification – for your PC, network, intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS). ***

*** OVT product available in this store via download only. Contact IPC Training for alternate delivery methods. See the User's Guide for description of program functionality and installation instructions.***

**** The video in this OVT was produced in widescreen / 16:9 format. ****

Part 2 of the new Surface Mount Component Soldering / Rework Series demonstrates industry-approved rework procedures that do not require component removal – using a hand soldering iron and solder removal tools – for chips, gull wings and J-lead components. (For Part 1, see OVT-144C in "Related Products," below.)

Defects include nonwetting; cold and rosin connections; disturbed and overheated solder; pinholes / blowholes; solder bridging; fractured or cracked solder; solder projections; excessive solder; and insufficient solder.

Every assembler that uses a hand soldering iron will benefit from this finely crafted video.

Time: 21 minutes.

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