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IPC-2581B-WAM1 - Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology

Product Code:2581B-WAM1(D)1
Number of pages:236 pages
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 2581B-WAM1: IPC-2581B WAM1 Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing D $75.00 $148.00Add to Cart

This standard specifies the XML schema that represents the intelligent data file format used to describe printed board and printed board assembly products with details sufficient for tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and inspection requirements. This format may be used for transmitting information between a printed board designer and a manufacturing or assembly facility. The data is most useful when the manufacturing cycle includes computer-aided processes and numerical control machines. The B1 revision brings the document into agreement with the schema and has added several new specification types. 236 pages. Released December 2016.

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