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Introduction to Through Hole Assembly

Product Code:DVD-27C
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An introductory overview to the through-hole assembly process. Begins with a description of the basic functions of typical components and interconnections; component location grids; letter codes and polarity markings. Provides a visual explanation of DIP insertion, axial insertion, lead preforming/manual insertion. Also reviews wave soldering, hand soldering, cleaning and testing. Discusses common problems to avoid, and stresses the importance of the individual operator throughout the process. A useful introduction for new hires and general education.

Includes Leader's Guide, Transcript, Test and Answer Key. Certificates of completion are also included for students who pass the Training Certification Exam.* Time: 26 minutes.

Use our Free Paper-Based Testing with reuseable PDF certificates of completion for ISO “verification of training,” or take advantage of our Free Online Testing so you no longer have to grade tests or generate certificates by hand. (Both options are for unlimited students with no expiration.)

**** To host IPC training programs on your own PC, corporate network/intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS), please see our automated, computer-based Online Video Training (OVT) format. (Equivalent OVT program is listed under "Related Products," below.) Or, you may access the entire video training library, as well as automated testing programs, via the IPC website, using our Online Training Library (OTL) format. Site and Global licenses are available for both options.****

*Includes Training Certification.

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