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IPC/JEDEC International Conference on Reliability, Rework, and Repair of Lead-Free Electronics

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With lead-free soldering processes approved and implemented, rework and repair is emerging as a significant challenge. IPC and JEDEC held an International Conference on Reliability, Rework and Repair in Raleigh, N.C. on March 11, 2008. TPapers and/or presentations were presented by 13 industry experts representing major OEM companies and testing facilities regarding reliability, rework, and repair issues faced as a result of implementing a lead-free process. Topics include: Effect of Board and Package Attributes on Solder Joints; Design Lead-Free, Environmental and Regulatory Compliant Product; Accelerated Reliability Testing of Ni-Modified SnCu and SAC305, and Lead-Free Audit: Preparation Questions and Answers. Released May 2008.