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Assembly Training Library - Online Video Training - On IPC Server (Site)

Product Code:OTL-LBR-OL(S)
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IPC Member: $5250.00
Nonmember: $6825.00
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*** Purchase a one-year license for unlimited online access -- via the IPC website -- to the complete Assembly Training Library of programs. (Access to library requires a unique Company ID and Password. After payment, you must contact IPC Training per the link below to acquire your login information.) ***

The Online Training Library (OTL) is your ticket to view over 60 IPC video training programs at less than one-fourth the cost of purchasing the OVT assembly library outright. With an internet connection and a company password, you can give everyone in your facility unlimited access to these award-winning training tools. (See "Free Review" link above for product demo and explanatory video.)

This self-paced training contains hi-resolution video for all bandwidths. Test questions are randomized, and exams are graded automatically. Students with passing grades of 70% or better have the option to print their own certificates of completion. Test results can be automatically emailed to the training administrator via the email notification function. (Video, testing & certificates are for unlimited students per license type.)

With no IT setup required, this is the easiest way to educate new employees and provide continuing education to seasoned veterans. It’s like having your own online university — without all the trouble and cost of implementation. Even includes all of the new videos as they are released. (English language only.)

Site (single location) or Global (multi-location) licenses available -- see "Additional Formats" listing above for Global option. Small companies, under $5 million annual sales, pay only 60% of sales price, or $3,000 (member); $3,900 (non-member) for a site license. Contact IPC Training to arrange for this special small company pricing. You may apply your OTL – Online Training Library – yearly subscription fee towards an eventual purchase of the OVT – Online Video Training – Library, and use the IPC training programs on your own server. For example, a company paying for 2-years of site subscription to the OTL @ $5000/year, could deduct $10,000 from the cost of the OVT-LBR-K(SD).

The Assembly Training Library contains 70 different programs, with more on the way, in the following categories…

Lead Free
A-610 Training
ESD Control
Hand Soldering
Overviews / Safety
Rework / Repair
Surface Mount
Through Hole
Wire & Cable

See our Library demo page for a complete program listing. Any new programs released during your subscription will be added to your library at no charge.

Nonprofit / educational institutions may join IPC for only $350 annual membership and then purchase the license for this library at member rate. Discounts on IPC membership are also available for govt. agencies as well as for small companies and additional facilities. Contact 847-597-2872, or membership@ipc.org, for more details.

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