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Preparatory Course for IPC-A-620B CIS Certification -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING Set (Site Download)

Product Code:OVT-PREP-A620B(SD)
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Kit products:
OVT-167C(SD): Coaxial Cable Assembly – ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-46C(SD): Intro to Mechanical Assembly/Hardware & Tools -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-50C(SD): Introduction to Box Build -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-56C(SD): Wire Harness Assembly Methods -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-58C(SD): Introduction to Wire Crimping -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-59C(SD): Wire Preparation -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-60C(SD): Seven Sins of Wire Harness Assembly -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-61C(SD): Wire Splicing -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
OVT-62C(SD): Electronic Connector Assembly – ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)
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 OVT-PREP-A620B(GD): Preparatory Course for IPC-A-620B CIS Certification -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING Se $13125.00 $17800.00Add to Cart


*** Online Video Training (OVT) format, SCORM-compliant with computer-based video training and built-in automated testing & training certification – for your PC, network, intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS). ***

*** OVT product available in this store via download only. Contact IPC Training for alternate delivery methods. See the User's Guide for description of program functionality and installation instructions.***

Do you have potential CIS candidates without the necessary foundational knowledge to understand all the technology / terminology of the IPC-A-620B CIS certification program? IPC has assembled an optional video preparatory course that can help students successfully achieve their CIS credential.

This video training series is designed to provide the essential background knowledge for your A-620B CIS candidates. It will help ensure that all of your assemblers are using approved terminology, understand best-industry practices, and are prepared to succeed when they undertake CIS training & certification. This Course is ideal for new hires, ESL students, and visual learners who may require additional help to pass their CIS certification exams.

Also useful for vocational / technical schools, state and federal job training centers, independent training centers, community colleges and anyone engaged in school-to- work programs.

Course Benefits:
• Train and prepare as many individuals within your company or educational facility, with no expiration and no annual user fees. Buy once use forever.
• Courses may be administered by any training facilitator.
• Each of the individual course modules are available for complete Online Review using the links in the "Kit Products" list above.

Course Contents include:
OVT IPC # Program Title
1. OVT-56C Wire Harness Assembly Methods
2. OVT-59C Wire Preparation
3. OVT-50C Intro to Box Build
4. OVT-46C Intro to Mechanical Assembly
5. OVT-58C Wire Crimping
6. OVT-60C 7 Sins of Wire Harness Assembly
7. OVT-61C Wire Splicing
8. OVT-62C Connector Assembly
9. OVT-167C Coaxial Cable Assembly

Save 33% (IPC Member Companies), 25% (Non-member) off individual list price when you purchase this package of 9 OVTs. Contact IPC Training to receive credit against previously purchased OVTs in this set.

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