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Seven Sins of Safety in Electronics Assembly -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)

Product Code:OVT-66C(SD)
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*** Upgraded Online Video Training (OVT) format, SCORM-compliant with computer-based video training and built-in automated testing & training certification – for your PC, network, intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS). ***

*** OVT product available in this store via download only. Contact IPC Training for alternate delivery methods. See the User's Guide for description of program functionality and installation instructions.***

Are you required to retrain your operators on worker safety principles? Has your company been using the same filmstrip on safety since the 1950s? Then you need the Seven Sins of Safety in Electronics Assembly. This online training tool is suitable for OSHA and ISO training -- and is an excellent addition to your company's continuous improvement program. OVT-66C covers personal protection issues, improper use of tools, improper workstation design and set-up, hazardous materials, improper handling and positioning of materials, muscular-skeletal disorders and inadequate housekeeping.

Workers aren't always aware that they're doing something wrong until there's a consequence. This training program is designed to eliminate bad habits -- to prevent the Seven Sins of Safety from plaguing your workplace. Your operators and technicians will appreciate the engaging format -- which will make them more receptive to information you need them to remember. OVT-66C will also be helpful for new hires -- to provide a visual overview of potential hazards -- and to help create safe work habits right from the start. Time: 25 minutes.