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Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Product Code:J-STD-001F
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 J-STD-001F(E)1: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies $80.00 $160.00Add to Cart
 J-STD-001F(D)1: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies $80.00 $160.00Add to Cart
 J-STD-001F(E)S: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies $2599.00 $5198.00Add to Cart
 J-STD-001F-REDLI(D)1: J-STD-001 Revision E to Revision F Redline Comparison Document $27.00 $27.00Add to Cart

IPC J-STD-001F is recognized worldwide as the sole industry-consensus standard covering soldering materials and processes. This revision includes support for both traditional solder alloys and for lead-free manufacturing. Examples of some of the significant changes are revision to plated-through hole, PTH, minimum fill requirements; criteria for two new SMT termination types; and expanded conformal coating criteria. Whenever possible, the criteria descriptions have been adjusted to make them easier to understand for materials, methods and verification for producing quality soldered interconnections and assemblies. The requirements for all three classes of construction are included. Full color illustrations are provided for clarity. This standard fully complements IPC-A-610F and is supported by IPC-HDBK-001. 70 pages. Released July 2014.

DoD Adopted! Download the adoption notice (.pdf)

Preview the table of contents .pdf file.

Included in the IPC-C-103 & the IPC-C-1000 Collections.

J-STD-001F Amendment 1 is now available. Information on purchasing the amendment can be found here

Additional Languages
 001F-AM1-RO(D)1Cerințe pentru Ansamblurile Electrice și Electronice Lipite (Romanian Language)
 J-STD-001F-CN焊接的电气和电子组件要求 (Chinese language)
 J-STD-001F-DEAnforderungen an gelötete elektrische und elektronische Baugruppen (German language)
 J-STD-001F-DKKrav til loddede elektriske og elektroniske produkter (Danish language)
 J-STD-001F-FRExigences des Assemblages Électriques et Électroniques Brasés (French language)
 J-STD-001F-ITRequisiti per la Brasatura degli Assemblaggi Elettrici ed Elettronici (Italian Language)
 J-STD-001F-JPはんだ付される電気及び電子組立品に関する要件事項 (Japanese Language)
 J-STD-001F-KR솔더링된 전기 및 전자 어셈블리에 대한 요건들 (Korean Language)
 J-STD-001F-ROCerințe pentru Ansamblurile Electrice și Electronice Lipite (Romanian language)
 J-STD-001F-RUТребования к электрическим и электронным сборкам, изготавливаемым с помощью пайки (Russian language)
 J-STD-001FS-CN焊接的电气和电子组件要求航天应用电子部件补充标准 (Chinese language)
 J-STD-001F-SPRequisitos de Ensambles Eléctricos y Electrónicos Soldados (Spanish language)
 J-STD-001F-TRLehimli Elektrikli ve Elektronik Takımların Gereklilikleri (Turkish Language)
 JSTD001F-WAM1-CN焊接的电气和电子组件要求修订版F附修订本1 (Chinese language)
 SM-817A-CN表面贴装用绝缘粘合剂通用规范 (Chinese Language)
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