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Rev D superseded by Rev E but available

Product Code:J-STD-001D
Please see below for additional formats.
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 J-001D(D)1: Rev D superseded by Rev E $47.00 $89.00Add to Cart
 J-001D(D)G: Rev D superseded by Rev E $2940.00 $5880.00Add to Cart
 J-001D(D)S: Rev D superseded by Rev E $1470.00 $2940.00Add to Cart
 J-001D(E)1: Rev D superseded by Rev E $47.00 $89.00Add to Cart
 J-001D(E)S: Rev D superseded by Rev E $1470.00 $2940.00Add to Cart


J-STD-001 Revision E was published April 2010 and supersedes all previous versions. However, IPC continues to offer Revisions B, C and D at the request of a number of users.

Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum J-STD-001DS with Amendment 1 published September 2009. Download the Addendum.

Revision D is available in Chinese, German, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

J-STD-001D is available in several license formats. Please contact IPC Customer Service at +1 847-597-2862 for more information.

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