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Dbl-Sided Board Fab / Operator Awareness Series

Product Code:OVT-OA(S)
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 OVT-OA(G): Dbl-Sided Board Fab / Operator Awareness Series -- GLOBAL LICENSE $1575.00 $1680.00Add to Cart


*** Earlier version of OVT format: Contains movie file only... suitable for computer or network delivery. ***

An online training tool that explains each of the individual processes for double-sided, pattern plate PWB fabrication. For new employees, it's the fastest way to learn PWB terminology and process technology. Even experienced operators can benefit from this video series, considering that more than half of all common board defects are caused by improper handling and not all by new employees.

With the added convenience of 24/7 access from any workstation throughout your facility, this Online Video Training (OVT) program delivers video on demand using the MPEG1 (.mpg) movie format, over your network infrastructure, or over your intranet - for distance learning applications. Any computer in your organization can play these videos using the Window's Media Player.

Train an unlimited number of students at your facility (Site License) or train throughout all company facilities - even international sites (Global License). Eighteen-part series, includes:

Incoming Inspection of Laminates; PWB Materials Preparation; PWB Tooling & Registration; PWB Drilling; PWB Deburring; PWB Electroless Copper Deposition; PWB Imaging-Dry Film; PWB Imaging-Screen Print; PWB Pattern Plating; PWB Resist Stripping; PWB Etching; PWB Edge Board Contact Plating; PWB Fusing & Solder Coating/Leveling; Solder Mask-Dry Film; Solder Mask-Screen Print; PWB Blanking Routing & Beveling; PWB Inspection-It's Everyone's Job; PWB Packaging, Shipment & Storage.

Time: 273 minutes.