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Rework of Surface Mount Chip Components, CHINESE / ENGLISH

Product Code:DVD-CH92
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Dual-language Mandarin / English DVD explains chip component terminology and size codes; details flux considerations and land preparation using solder braid and vacuum extractor and demonstrates industry-approved techniques and common problems to avoid during removal and replacement of all types of chip components using the following hand tools: hand soldering iron (single-point and bifurcated tip); pulse heat tweezers; continuous heat tweezers; and hot air pencil. Also explains adhesive bonded components and special heating considerations for ceramic chip capacitors. Produced in cooperation with Pace, Inc. (Telly Award winner.) Time: 46 minutes.

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Additional Languages
 DVD-92CRework of Surface Mount Chip Components
 DVD-FR92CRework of Surface Mount Chip Components -- Retouche de Composants Miniatures Montés en Surface (Chips), Français / ENGLISH