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The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering, CHINESE / ENGLISH

Product Code:DVD-CH49C
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Now available in a dual-language (Mandarin Chinese / English) DVD, The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering is "the cure" for improper soldering techniques that even the most experienced solder technicians succumb to: excess pressure, improper solder heat-bridge, wrong tip size, excessive temperature, improper use of flux, transfer soldering and unnecessary rework and repair. DVD-CH49C exposes each of these sins - explaining how bad habits can create undesirable results - while clearly presenting the proper technique so the habit can be eliminated. This visual training tool can also be used proactively for new hires to prevent bad habits before they start. If you're serious about quality, this video presentation will be the perfect addition to any company's continuous education / improvement program. Also useful for re-certification 6-12 months after initial DVD-CH42/43C hand solder training. A must for effective and preventive ongoing training - to help resolve your most challenging hand soldering problems. Includes Leader's Guide, Training Certification Exam, and Certificates of completion for students with a passing grade of 70% or higher. Winner of the US International Film and Video Festival Award for
Creative Excellence. Time: 18 minutes.

Includes Training Certification.

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Additional Languages
 DVD-49C The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering
 DVD-SP49C The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering, SPANISH / ENGLISH