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Lead Free Surface Mount Rework -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)

Product Code:OVT-67C(SD)
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*** Upgraded Online Video Training (OVT) format, SCORM-compliant with computer-based video training and built-in automated testing & training certification – for your PC, network, intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS). ***

*** OVT product available in this store via download only. Contact IPC Training for alternate delivery methods. See the User's Guide for description of program functionality and installation instructions.***

OVT-67C explores the differences between lead free and tin-lead solder for solder joint touch up and rework. Covers component removal, land preparation, component replacement and the correct methods for touch up and rework -- with demonstrations of point-to-point soldering, drag soldering and touching up joints with too little solder and solder bridges. Also explains why companies are making the switch to lead free processes, the characteristics of lead free solder alloys and lead free solder joint evaluation -- comparing target, acceptable and unacceptable lead free joints with their tin-lead counterparts. It was designed specifically to help rework technicians make the switch to lead free with knowledge and confidence. (Note: This program and OVT-68C -- Lead Free Surface Mount Assembly -- both contain identical contents for their Sections 1 and 3: "Switching to Lead Free" and "Solder Joint Evaluation," respectively.) Time: 24 minutes.

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