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Where in the World? A Regional Strategy Roadmap for Electronics Manufacturers

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This study was developed by BPA Consulting Ltd. exclusively for IPC to provide a comprehensive guide to the world for growth-minded companies in the electronic interconnect industry. It is an essential source of information and guidance for electronics industry executives in the process of planning for global operations. The report discusses trends in the development of major regions for electronics manufacturing and offers a framework for comparison of both developed and developing economic regions. Thirty key countries are assessed as locations for possible investment in electronics manufacturing operations based on a comparison of relevant economic, social, legislative, educational, logistic and technical factors that influence the way in which these regions are developing. It also describes how key industry sectors are adopting and benefiting from the local characteristics of each region. It identifies the major assembly company operations located in each country and the technological and market “hot spots” throughout the world. Also covered is the outlook for the development of industry capabilities and concentrations in the key regions. 145 total pages. Published July 2014.

For a site license, click on the link for WHERE-14(D)S. For a global (multi-site) license, click on the link for WHERE-14(D)G.

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