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Plated-Through Hole Repair -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Site Download)

Product Code:OVT-97CC(SD)
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 OVT-97CC(GD): Plated-Through Hole Repair -- ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING (Global Download) $1607.00 $1969.00Add to Cart


*** Upgraded Online Video Training (OVT) format, SCORM-compliant with computer-based video training and built-in automated testing & training certification – for your PC, network, intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS). ***

*** OVT product available in this store via download only. Contact IPC Training for alternate delivery methods. See the User's Guide for description of program functionality and installation instructions.***

Demonstrates the industry standard eyelet repair procedure for a damaged plated-through hole (without innerlayer connections) as described in IPC-7721. Begins by explaining when to repair a through hole, selection of the replacement eyelet — including measurements for board thickness — inside and outside eyelet diameter, length under the flange, flange diameter, and related tolerances. Also covers hole redrilling, funnel and flat swaging eyelets, soldering and conductor replacement. (Winner of the Aegis and Communicator Awards.) Time: 20 minutes.

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