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IPC Study of Quality Benchmarks for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Industry 2014

Product Code:BENCHE-14
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This survey-based study covers production data, assembly attributes, yields, defect rates (DPMO), customer returns, supplier performance, customer satisfaction and certification data. This report enables EMS companies to compare their performances to industry averages. The survey sample includes 75 EMS companies from North America, Europe and Asia with total sales revenue ranging from under $10 million to more than $500 million. 80 pages. Aggregate data are segmented by company size, region and type of production. Released July 2014.

For a site license, click on the link for BENCHE-14(D)S. For a global (multi-site) license, click on the link for BENCHE-14(D)G.

Preview the table of contents .pdf file.

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