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ESD Control for Electronics Assembly -- Control de ESD Ensambles Electrónicos, SPANISH / ENGLISH

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As new generations of integrated circuits (ICs) become more sensitive to electrostatic discharge, ESD continues to be one of the most pernicious problems facing the electronics industry. Education is essential to prevent costly failures and expensive rework.

Now your electronics assembly operators can become certified as “ESD Safe” by two major electronics associations. Sample Certificate.

A joint collaboration between IPC -- Association Connecting Electronics Industries, and ESDA -- the Electrostatic Discharge Association -- has produced the most up-to-date, technically accurate ESD Control video training currently available to deal with the effects of shrinking geometries, increased performance requirements and lower operating voltages.

Developed by top industry experts, this educational video covers static electricity generation, triboelectric charging, ESD failure models and techniques to control ESD, including personal grounding for seated and standing operations, wrist straps, controlling static charges in the work area, and proper handling, packaging and transporting of ESD sensitive devices to the S20.20 ESDA Specification.

DVD menu allows you to skip over technical content that may not be applicable to your company. Includes Leader’s Guide, Review Questions and IPC Training Certification Certificates for students who pass the final examination.* Telly Award winner. Time: 30 minutes.

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Como las nuevas generaciones de los circuitos integrados (ICs) llegan a ser más sensibles a descargas electrostáticas, ESD continúa siendo uno de los más problemas perniciosos que enfrenta la industria electrónica. La educación es esencial para evitar errores costosos y re-trabajo costoso.

Ahora sus operadores de ensambles electrónicos pueden certificarse como "Seguros contra la ESD" por las dos asociaciones electrónicas principales. Certificado de muestra.

Una colaboración conjunta entre IPC--Asociación Conecta Industrias Electrónicas y ESDA--la Asociación de Descarga Electrostática - han producido el más actualizado, técnicamente exacto ESD.

El video de capacitación de control disponible actualmente para lidiar con los efectos de reducción en la geometría de componentes, requisitos de mayor rendimiento y voltajes de operación más bajos.

*Includes Training Certification.

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