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Assembly Training Library - DVD Collection

Product Code:DVD-LBR-K
Kit products:
DRM-18H: Component Identification Training and Reference Guide
DRM-PTH-F: Through Hole Solder Joint Evaluation Training & Reference Guide
DRM-SMT-F: Surface Mount Solder Joint Evaluation Training & Reference Guide
DVD-111C: Advanced Hand Soldering Techniques
DVD-11C: General Safety in Electronic Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-13C: Ray's Rework Secrets
DVD-142C: Introduction to Hand Soldering
DVD-142C-BD: Introduction to Hand Soldering -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-144C: Hand Soldering - SMT Component Installation
DVD-144C-BD: Hand Soldering - SMT Component Installation -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-145C: Basic SMT Rework - Without Component Removal
DVD-145C-BD: Basic SMT Rework - Without Component Removal -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-153C: Overview of Electronics Assembly
DVD-153C-BD: Overview of Electronics Assembly -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-15C: Soldering Iron Tip Care
DVD-164C: Component Color Codes
DVD-165C: Component Number Codes
DVD-166C: Counterfeit Components
DVD-166C-BD: Counterfeit Components -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-167C: Coaxial Cable Assembly
DVD-167C-BD: Coaxial Cable Assembly -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-168C: Torque Training for Electronics Assembly
DVD-168C-BD: Torque Training for Electronics Assembly -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-172C: FOD Prevention in Electronics Assembly
DVD-172C-BD: FOD Prevention in Electronics Assembly -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-179C: Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices
DVD-17C: Electrical Test for Assemblies with Training Certification
DVD-18C: Soldering Terminals
DVD-196C: Area Array Rework
DVD-196C-BD: Area Array Rework -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-20/21C: Reflow Soldering with Training Certification
DVD-24C: Handling in Electronics Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-27C: Introduction to Through Hole Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-32C: Introduction to Electronics Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-33C: Introduction to Surface Mount Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-34C: Solder Paste Printing with Training Certification
DVD-35C: Solder Paste Printing — Defect Analysis & Prevention with Training Certification
DVD-36C: Hand Soldering with Low Residue Flux with Training Certification
DVD-39C: Surface Mount Component Placement with Training Certification
DVD-41C: Through-Hole Rework with Training Certification
DVD-44C: Component Preparation and Manual Insertion with Training Certification
DVD-45C: Lead-Free Hand Soldering with Training Certification
DVD-46C: Introduction to Mechanical Assembly - Hardware & Tools with Training Certification
DVD-47C: Wave Soldering with Training Certification
DVD-48C: The Seven Sins of Surface Mount Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-49C: The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering with Training Certification
DVD-50C: Introduction to Box Build
DVD-51C: Adhesive Application for Surface Mount with Training Certification
DVD-54C: ESD Control for Operators with Training Certification
DVD-55C: ESD Control for IT and Electronics Service Technicians with Training Certification
DVD-56C: Wire Harness Assembly Methods with Training Certification
DVD-57C: Stockroom Materials - Storage and Distribution with Training Certification
DVD-58C: Introduction to Wire Crimping with Training Certification
DVD-59C: Wire Preparation with Training Certification
DVD-60C: The Seven Sins of Wire Harness Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-61C: Wire Splicing
DVD-62C: Electronic Connector Assembly
DVD-62C-BD: Electronic Connector Assembly -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-64C: Component Identification with Training Certification
DVD-65C: Fiber Optic Cable Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-66C: The Seven Sins of Safety in Electronics Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-67C: Lead Free Surface Mount Rework with Training Certification
DVD-68C: Lead Free Surface Mount Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-69C: Ray's Lead Free Hand Soldering Secrets
DVD-70C: The Seven Sins of Lead Free Soldering with Training Certification
DVD-71C: IPC-A-610F Common Inspection Errors
DVD-74C: ESD Control for Electronics Assembly
DVD-75C: Ray's ESD Prevention Secrets
DVD-76C: ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel with Training Certification
DVD-77C: ESD Control for Material Handlers with Training Certification
DVD-78C: The Seven Sins of ESD Control with Training Certification
DVD-88C: Bare Board Defect Recognition
DVD-8C: Print Reading for Electronics Assembly
DVD-91C: Introduction to Surface Mount Rework
DVD-92C: Rework of Surface Mount Chip Components
DVD-93C: Gull Wing Rework
DVD-94C: Rework of J-Lead Components
DVD-95C: Surface Mount Rework Stations with Training Certification
DVD-97ABC: Land & Conductor Repair for Electronic Assemblies with Training Certification
DVD-97CC: Plated-Through Hole Repair with Training Certification
DVD-98C: Sign Recognition for New Employees in Electronics Assembly with Training Certification
DVD-99C: Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly
DVD-PTH-F: Through Hole Solder Joint Quality Standards
DVD-PTH-F-BD: Through Hole Solder Joint Quality Standards -- Blu-ray Disc
DVD-SMT-F: Surface Mount Solder Joint Quality Standards
DVD-SMT-F-BD: Surface Mount Solder Joint Quality Standards -- Blu-ray Disc
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Now you can purchase the entire library of IPC electronics assembly training programs on DVD — at a package price that saves your company 50% or more off of IPC member or standard industry pricing.

The IPC Training Library is a visual encyclopedia on electronics assembly — including introductory overviews, detailed process training and acceptance criteria - from subjects such as:

Lead Free
ESD Control
Hand Soldering
Workmanship Standards (Acceptance Criteria from the A-610 & J-STD-001)
Rework and Repair
Component Identification
Surface Mount Processing
Through-Hole Processing
Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Give your employees access to the knowledge they need to advance their careers... provide opportunities for cross-training and self-education with the award-winning IPC Training Library. It's never been more cost-effective to implement a complete curriculum of core assembly knowledge.

May use with free paper-based testing or automated e-testing.

For content descriptions and free complete online reviews of any of the DVDs, please click on the appropriate "Kit Products" link from the list above then select the Free Review button. Or you may order a free Demo DVD containing the complete contents of every DVD. If you have already purchased any of the DVDs in the Library, please contact IPC Training (847/597-2940), or ipctraining@ipc.org) for special discount information. Purchase all future additions to the library at 50% off.

IPC Members Industry Standard
Total list price for all DVDs$28,175 $35,183
Assembly Library package price $12,600$15,750
Your Savings 55%55%

Nonprofit / educational institutions may join IPC for $350 annual membership and then purchase this course at member rate. Discounts on IPC membership are also available for govt. agencies as well as for small companies and additional facilities. Contact 847-597-2872, or membership@ipc.org, for more details.

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