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Download the free Amendment 2 (.pdf) that resolves conflict in measles criteria between J-STD-001D, IPC-A-610D, IPC-6012B and IPC-A-600G.

This specification covers qualification and performance of rigid printed boards, including single-sided, double-sided, with or without plated-through holes, multilayer with or without blind/buried vias and metal core boards. Addresses final finish and surface plating coating requirements, conductors, holes/vias, frequency of acceptance testing and quality conformance as well as electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements. Amendment 1 to Revision B incorporates new requirements for reduction of surface wrap copper plating and final finish requirements for electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG) and immersion silver platings. For use with IPC-6011. Supersedes IPC-6012B. 47 pages. Released January 2007.

Preview the table of contents .pdf file.

Included in the IPC-C-105 and the IPC-C-1000 Collections.

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