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Hand Soldering - SMT Component Installation -- Blu-ray Disc

Product Code:DVD-144C-BD-K
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DVD-144C: Hand Soldering - SMT Component Installation
DVD-144C-BD: Hand Soldering - SMT Component Installation -- Blu-ray Disc
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**** IPC now delivers hi-definintion video using Blu-ray technology. This DVD provides the the best possible picture in wide screen (16:9) format, with the extremely fine detail found only in this type of high resolution video presentation. Requires Blu-ray DVD player. (Regular standard definition DVD included with this item at no extra charge.) ****

This IPC training video is designed for all of your employees that use a hand soldering iron. As Part 1 of the new Surface Mount Component Soldering / Rework series, DVD-144C shows the best way to install surface mount components manually – using a standard hand soldering iron. (For Part 2, see DVD-145C in "Related Products," below.)

Any time you can’t install an SMT component inline, this video will teach your operators how to do it correctly.

Covers: Chip Component installations -- rectangular chips, tantalums and MELFs: Gull Wing Components -- SOTs, D-PAKs, SOICs and QFPs: J-Lead Components -- SOJs and PLCCs: Tin Lead and Lead Free applications; Solder Prefill, Solder Bump; Point-to-Point and wave / drag soldering; Conical, chisel, angled wave and blade style tips.

Includes Leader's Guide, Transcript, Review Questions, Training Certification Exam* (with certificates of completion) and Answer Key. For unlimited usage at one facility. With optional SDH (English) Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and ESL students. Time: 34 minutes.

Use our Free Paper-Based Testing with reuseable PDF certificates of completion for ISO “verification of training,” or take advantage of our Free Online Testing so you don't have to grade tests or generate certificates by hand. (Both options are for unlimited students with no expiration.)

**** To host IPC training programs on your own PC, corporate network/intranet, or Learning Management System (LMS), please see our automated, computer-based Online Video Training (OVT) format. (Equivalent OVT program is listed under "Related Products," below.) Or, you may access the entire video training library, as well as automated testing programs, via the IPC website, using our Online Training Library (OTL) format. Site and Global licenses are available for both options.****

*Includes Training Certification.

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