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(REPLACED by P-PTH2-F) Through-Hole Solder Joint Evaluation Wall Poster - Class 2

Product Code:P-PTH2-E
IPC Member: $53.00
Nonmember: $79.00
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This updated full-color, 20 x 28-inch (51 x 71 cm) wall poster visually defines minimum/maximum Class 2 through-hole solder joint acceptability requirements from Revision E of the IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 industry standards. Containing high-quality computer graphics, this poster depicts complex through-hole solder joint requirements so clearly, that all operators and inspectors can easily understand and apply this important criteria.

Bring technically accurate, industry-consensus acceptability standards to your training room or inspection area with this highly visual learning and reference tool. This product includes one poster, for Class 2. (Also available in a Class 3 version, part number: P-PTH3-E.)

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