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Acceptability of Printed Boards - English and Japanese Language

Product Code:A-600G-JP/EK
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Acceptability of Printed Boards
A-600G-JP: Acceptability of Printed Boards - Japanese Language
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 A-600GJP(D)1: Acceptability of Printed Boards - Japanese Language $117.00 $234.00Add to Cart
 A-600GJP(E)1: Acceptability of Printed Boards - Japanese Language $117.00 $234.00Add to Cart
 A-600GJP(E)S: Acceptability of Printed Boards - Japanese Language $3899.00 $7797.00Add to Cart


Download the free Amendment 1 (.pdf) that resolves conflict in measles criteria between J-STD-001D, IPC-A-610D, IPC-6012B and IPC-A-600G.

This is the Japanese Language version of IPC-A-600G.

Purchase of the print version includes one English color copy and one Japanese black and white copy. The Japanese language electronic copy is in color.

The definitive illustrated guide to printed circuit board acceptability! This document provides photographs and illustrations of the target, acceptable and nonconforming conditions that are either internally or externally observable on bare printed boards. Make sure your operators, inspectors, and engineers have the most current industry consensus information. With over 80 new or revised photographs and illustrations, revision G provides new coverage on topics such as smear removal, lifted lands and wire bond pads along with updated and expanded coverage for measling and crazing of printed boards, annular ring requirements, etchback, foil cracks, flexible circuits, and minimum foil thickness for conductive patterns. The document sychronizes to the acceptability requirements expressed in IPC-6012B and IPC-6013A. 140 pages. Released July 2004.

Additional Languages
 A-600GRev G superseded by Rev H but available
 A-600G-IT/EKAcceptability of Printed Boards - English and Italian Language
 A-600G-SWAcceptability of Printed Boards - Swedish Language