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Superseded by EMSI-TC3

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Here's help for surviving the intricacies and unique needs of the EMS contracting process. Developed over hundreds of hours by lawyers from Squires, Sanders and Dempsey and industry volunteers from all sizes of EMS and OEM companies, this sample document provides "terms and conditions" for use in EMS transactions. Specific contracting issues such as inventory liability and order modification/cancellation/deferment are covered. This publication should stimulate discussion between customers and EMS companies during negotiations and the formation of business relationships. This document is provided in hard copy format and includes eight electronic files containing introductory information, editable Microsoft Word templates and PDF forms. Eliminate hours of headaches by consulting this informative and well-researched document and learn from the experience and expertise of others. Note: Companies should not use this document without consulting professional counsel. 16 pages. Released March 2002.