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Component Fundamentals -- Six-DVD Set

Product Code:DVD-COMP-K
Kit products:
DVD-164C: Component Color Codes
DVD-165C: Component Number Codes
DVD-179C: Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices
DVD-57C: Stockroom Materials - Storage and Distribution
DVD-64C: Component Identification
DVD-8C: Print Reading for Electronics Assembly
IPC Member: $1811.00
Nonmember: $2231.00
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Now you can provide focused training to electronics assemblers, quality inspectors, rework technicians, incoming inspectors, kitting and material handlers — everyone involved in making sure the correct components are used for each job.

This series is a cost-saving collection of training media to teach your staff how to identify and verify component types and values, and to handle electronic components safely. Video training is the easiest way to absorb and comprehend the arcane terminology relating to component type, function, value and tolerance.

Use our Free paper-based testing with certificates of completion* for ISO “verification of training,” or take advantage of our Free Automated Testing so you no longer have to grade tests or generate certificates by hand. For unlimited use at one facility, with no expiration. With optional English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students.

Save 33% off list price — on this Component Fundamentals Kit. DVDs in the set include:

DVD-8C: Print Reading for Electronics Assembly
Will teach your operators all the complexities of documentation for circuit board assembly, components, cable and wire harness assembly and final product assembly.

DVD-57C: Stockroom Materials - Storage and Distribution
Provides a visual overview of typical stockroom operations for through-hole and surface mount electronics assembly.

DVD-64C: Component Identification
Identifies all of the important through-hole and surface mount component types and explains the function of active and passive electronic components, reviews the basic through-hole and surface mount assembly processes, and covers component part numbers, bill of materials, component reference designators, markings, orientation, and polarity.

DVD-164C: Component Color Codes
How to decode significant value, multiplier and tolerance bands for four-band resistors, capacitors and inductors; five-band resistors; temperature coefficient for six-band resistors; and color dots or stripes on surface mount inductors. Also explains guidelines for component substitutions.

DVD-165C: Component Number Codes
Learn how to decipher the codes for 3- and 4-digit chip resistors; chip resistor decimals and symbols; numbered resistors with tolerance letter codes; E96 series, 0603 resistors; 3-digit capacitors; 2-digit alphanumeric chip capacitors; 3-digit inductors; and capacitor and inductor decimals.

DVD-179C: Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices
Shows why moisture accumulation is a problem for MSDs, then explains the materials and techniques that can be used to minimize humidity exposure in a factory environment. It also demonstrates proper handling techniques that can prevent popcorning and component failures during solder reflow.

IPC member list prices for these six DVDs total: $2,575
Industry Standard list prices for these six DVDs total: $3,175

Save 33% (or $850/member - $1,050/std.) when you purchase this package of six DVDs. Contact IPC Training to receive credit against previously purchased DVDs in this set.

For complete free review of any DVD in this series, click on any of the "Kit Products" links above, then select the "Free Review" button.

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