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ESD Control for Operators, GERMAN / ENGLISH

Product Code:DVD-DE54C
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This electrostatic discharge control training video is now available in a dual-language German / English DVD, with chapter naviagation, and IPC Training Certification. DVD-DE54C clearly explains all the critical information needed to control charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies. It covers the physics of static electricity, how static charges damage components, grounding, wrist straps / shoe grounding / testing, safe clothing, conductive smocks, ESD-safe work areas, elimination of static generating materials, controlling charge build-ups, activities that create static electricity, and proper handling / storage / transportation of ESD sensitive devices.

Award-winning introduction to ESD control. Includes leaders guide, written training certification test (English and German) and resuable/color certificates of completion for students with passing grades. For unlimited students at one company facility. Time: 26 minutes.

Includes Training Certification.

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Additional Languages
 DVD-54C ESD Control for Electronics Assembly Operators
 DVD-CH54C ESD Control for Operators, CHINESE / ENGLISH
 DVD-FR54CESD Control for Operators -- Contrôle des DES pour opérateurs, Français / ENGLISH
 DVD-RU54CESD Control for Operators, RUSSIAN / ENGLISH
 DVD-SE54CESD Control for Operators -- ESD-Kontroll för Operatörer, SWEDISH / ENGLISH
 DVD-SP54C ESD Control for Operators, SPANISH / ENGLISH
 DVD-VN54CESD Control for Operators, VIETNAMESE / ENGLISH