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Please note: IPC will be doing inventory from Monday, December 12 through Friday, December 16. Orders will be accepted but not processed until Monday, December 19.

IPC Holiday hours: IPC will be closed with no phone service:
Friday, December 23 through Monday, January 2

IPC will reopen on Tuesday, January 3. We will continue to accept orders via e-mail and web during our office closures. Please e-mail Customer Service at CustService@ipc.org or OrderIPC@ipc.org.

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New Releases

MR-SOLDERMKTSUB-C: Global Solder Market Report (全球焊料市场报告) - 1 year quarterly subscription (Single U


MR-PROCONSUB-JP: Global Process Consumables Market Report Japanese Language - 1 year quarterly subs


6012D-SP: Clasificación y especificación de rendimiento para los tableros impresos rígidos (Spanish

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Find media training on electronics assembly and PC fabrication.  
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